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Interactive applications, with their help it is possible to get the required data directly on our portal. The calculator will calculate the cost of customs tax and full customs clearance of parcels, application to validate a received tracking number (tracking number) and many other useful applications. We hope this information will be useful to you.


Glove sizes, belts and headwear

reviews: 0 22.02.2016 |Catalog: Useful applications

Browsing through the range of goods in foreign Internet shops, not once ran across various accessories at very attractive prices, but due to a lack of size and did not dare to buy them. We are talking about hats, gloves and belts. These accessories are also needed as footwear or clothing, so much so that the proposals really much. Of course you can try to find the information on the websites of sellers, but this takes time, and often such information no. We have developed a small application, which calculates dimensions for accessories. With its help you can easily translate your shot dimensions in international standards and buy your favorite accessories.
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Tracker for tracking parcels

reviews: 0 30.12.2015 |Catalog: Useful applications

That wouldn't be nervous in anticipation of a parcel sent from China, which is still a lot of money was spent in the Chinese online store, It would be good to know where your parcel is and when it finally gets to you. This course will help you to track parcels trackers. In addition, the tracker can be quite useful if for example the parcel went the wrong direction, erroneously the wrong address. If you notice this problem at an early stage, You can contact the seller and make a claim, You may compensate or send again item. Otherwise you'll be in neveden′e long months. So that the tracker can be very useful.
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Matching shoe sizes

reviews: 0 23.11.2015 |Catalog: Useful applications

Buying shoes online shops abroad, many users have experienced the same problem, It is impossible to determine your shoe size, stores indicate dimensions in its standards, If there are matching tables, often many errors. Different shops have the same size in correspondences may differ. Many users confused European shoe size with pre-existing Soviet standard. And yet the best option, is to find such a table in the store where you are going to buy shoes, many foreign shops collaborate directly with manufacturers of shoes and get information on the amounts they.
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Calculator Customs

reviews: 32 20.11.2015 |Catalog: Useful applications

Many shoppers avoid buying goods abroad (in third countries) because, that do not want to mess with customs clearance. But you have to be so afraid of the. Under existing legislation,, all goods imported to Latvia with third countries (countries outside the EU) subject to customs tax and value added tax. There are a number of exceptions, cost restrictions, etc., that tax-exempt. Purchase cost less 22 the euro shall be exempt from taxes, cost 22-150 euros are subject to VAT only and only over 150 euros are subject to customs tax and VAT. But how many ultimately would cost assumption?
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Check the tracking number of the parcel

reviews: 5 13.11.2015 |Catalog: Useful applications

After long hours spent on the range of goods and the successful registration of orders, you go to the stage of waiting for the delivery of ordered goods. Online stores send you e-mail notification of sent order and track parcel number, or the track number (he same tracking number) you see in your personal account on the Internet site of the shop. You are trying to track the parcel, but you can't, whether the number is not the, whether it was wrong, whether the seller when it wrote the missed number or letter – the reasons can be many. And maybe it has been too little time, and the number is correct, but not yet introduced in the monitoring system. In any case, it is helpful to our application to verify the track numbers.
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