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That it is forbidden to send parcels

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Very often we ask, can I buy direct from China a thing and will not be any problems with customs. Actually, there are a number of supplies and goods that cannot be sent in international parcels. We do not guarantee that the published list below is 100% accurate, some goods may be classified differently and seemingly not included are not in one item in the list, but nevertheless, they can cause issues at customs. Most often this can be counterfeit goods, various copies and replicas of famous brands. The list extends to international parcel sent from third countries to Europe, but in principle, it is also suitable for other destinations.


In the international mail forwarding prohibited:

1. Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, including medicines.
2. Poisonous substances, are not precursors of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
3. Objects of obscene or immoral nature.
4. Counterfeit and pirated items.
5. Alcohol products, ethyl alcohol, beer.
6. Any type of tobacco products and smoking mixtures.
7. Any kinds of weapons (их части), cartridges (их частparts thereofy similar to civil and official weapons products.
8. Items, that, by their nature or packaging may pose a risk to postal workers, stain or damage other mail or postal equipment.
9. Documents, having the character of current and personal correspondence, as well as all kinds of correspondence, exchanged between individuals, non-senders and recipients, or person, living with them.
10. Explosive, flammable or radioactive substances, as well as other hazardous substances.
11. Bulk explosives and ammunition, including empty grenade, shells and other similar items, as well as Dummies of such devices and objects.
12. Live animals, except for bees, leeches, silk worms.
13. Plants and fungi, containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, in any form and State, including their fruits, seeds and spores.
14. Products, Perishable.
15. Wild medicinal plant raw material.
16. Cultural values (addressed to natural persons for personal use).
17. Printed and audio-visual materials, other media, containing information, that could harm the country's political or economic interests, its State security, protection of health and morals of citizens, information on mineral resources.
18. Currency.
19. Ozone-depleting substances.
20. Hazardous waste.
21. Scrap, Nonferrous and precious metals, including semi-finished products and billets, included in the list of goods, When you export and (or) import quantitative restrictions are installed.
22. Precious stones in any shape and condition, natural diamonds, except for jewelry, wheels for surgical ones and gold leaf; Amber, pearls, bog oak; ore, concentrates and industrial precious metals products.
23. Raw precious metals, scrap and wastes of precious metals, ores and concentrates of precious metals and commodities.
24. Mineral raw materials (natural rough stones).
25. Conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic genetically engineered organisms.
26. Bodies and (or) human tissue, blood and its components.
27. Special technical means, designed to secretly obtain information

Items, conditionally admitted to forwarding, If you have permission to:

1. Cryptographic (cryptographic) Tools.
2. Collections and collectibles on mineralogy and Paleontology.
3. Species of wild fauna and flora, falling under the scope of the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna, endangered species from 03 March 1973 year from legal persons.
4. The temporary export of radio-electronic means and high-frequency devices.
5. Cultural values from legal persons: the temporary export of cultural values for organization of exhibitions, presentations in third countries; the temporary export of cultural values to implement restoration works and research in third countries; the temporary export of cultural values for implementation of tour-Concert activity and conduct cultural and entertainment activities in third countries; the temporary export of cultural values to be used in trials in third countries; export of cultural values, temporarily imported on territory of the Customs Union; exportation of cultural property by individuals for personal use (for non-commercial purposes).
Evidence is not required when exporting drawings and industrial products, as well as crafts and gift items, decorated by hand, works, performed by children, personal Awards, the right to wear which is confirmed by ordenskimi books or Premium certificates, printing works with dedicatory inscriptions to persons, engaged in export.
6. Specific military goods.
7. Chemicals, falling under the control regime of the Convention on the prohibition of the development, production, Stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and on their destruction, signed 13 January 1993 year in Paris.
8. Original documents of national archival funds.
9. Zoological and botanical collections or parts thereof.
10. Plants (seed and planting material) in the presence of a phytosanitary certificate, issued by the notified body of the country-exporter.
11. Rare and endangered species of wild animals and wild plants, their parts and (or) derivatives.
12. Technical, medical, pharmaceutical, sanitary, Veterinary, phytosanitary and environmental waste.
13. Breeding farm animals and their breeding products.
14. All products of animal origin, sent in mail, must be in possession of a certificate, issued by veterinary control item country feed.
15. Textiles and textile articles (in large volumes).
16. Raw materials, materials, equipment, technology and scientific-technical information, that can be used to create weapons and military equipment.
17. Materials, equipment, technology, that can be applied to create weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.
18. Modern art and collectibles, having no museum value.
19. In premises without declared value in small packages allowed shipping of bees, leeches silkworms, designed for research and exchanged between the officially recognized agencies.
The remaining items, you can send, of course it is necessary to bear in mind the various constraints and the forthcoming customs clearance of goods, Learn more about this read our article Peculiarities of customs clearance of parcels

In the portal there is a new application for calculating the cost of customs clearance.


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