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Calculator Customs

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Many shoppers avoid buying goods abroad (in third countries) because, that do not want to mess with customs clearance. But you have to be so afraid of the. Under existing legislation,, all goods imported to Latvia with third countries (countries outside the EU) subject to customs tax and value added tax. There are a number of exceptions, cost restrictions, etc., that tax-exempt. Purchase cost less 22 the euro shall be exempt from taxes, cost 22-150 euros are subject to VAT only and only over 150 euros are subject to customs tax and VAT. But how many ultimately would cost assumption?

We have developed a unique calculator, that will help you calculate the costs necessary for paying taxes at customs clearance. The algorithm of the calculator takes into account all subtleties of calculation, Depending on the category of imported goods. The possible error of calculation is very small and not significant. Exception: This calculator does not calculate excise goods.


Выберите вид посылки:

коммерческая *

* Commercial parcels, that forward merchants each other, that merchant sends a private person or individual fee sends another private person, including goods purchased in foreign Internet shops.

некоммерческая **

** Non-commercial parcels, are not regular, contains only products, intended for the personal use of the recipient, properties and the quantity of the goods does not indicate commercial motives, the sender sends it to the recipient free of charge.

Укажите стоимость всех товаров, которые есть в посылке, in EUR: *

* Specify only the total value of all goods in parcel, the cost of shipping or insurance is not here. If the parcel FREESHIPPING – Enter here the full value of the parcel.

Specify a value of all other expenses, If they are, in EUR: **

** This includes all other expenses: shipping and/or insurance, If there are no expenses, leave this field blank. If the parcel FREESHIPPING – leave this field blank.


Select a product category:
Select a subcategory:
If you have a parcel products from different categories, check one category, then on other. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate all sorts of variants and combinations of goods, but nevertheless, you can get to the data by comparing the difference in the cost of customs clearance in different categories of goods.

The cost of customs clearance:

0 Euro

The parcel will cost you:

0 Euro


This calculator does not take into account

It is not dependent on the quantity and value of goods, exemption from customs duty shall not apply to the following goods are sent:
-tobacco products
-perfumes and toilet waters

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Calculator Customs, 7.3 out of 10 based on 33 ratings
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  1. Alexander wrote:
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    Tell us how much the U.S. motorcycle helmet will cost, if it costs 600 euros and delivery of 65 and which category belongs to the motorcycle helmet?

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    • admin wrote:

      160-180 Euro, I find it difficult to answer about the category.

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