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Location: Riga
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  1. Nevermore wrote:
    Prices 22222
    Ease of processing 44444
    Уровень обслуживания 22222
    Reliability 11111
    Impression 22222

    Charming Slovakia Tour 20-25.08.19. Some impressions.

    Slovakia, as promised, Charming, Even though it's poor.; Food is edible, And at times, even delicious; hotel staff, though not particularly welcoming, but quite friendly; local guides do, what they can and how they can (raise's separate respect from Kosice); Drivers demonstrate the wonders of aerobatic flight on mountain serpentine... And everything would be fine., But something is not good...

    The group-stage IL'E has taken care of, so that tourists do not get too bored and turn the trip into a quest. It all started on the first night. (Hotel Margerita): two couples received at their disposal though comfortable, but single rooms, while one of the singles huddled in a double. After a tiring day of effort and desire to scandal was not - the victims limited to going to the reception for additional pillows and blankets.

    The next day brought the most vivid impression of the trip: THE GROUP LOST ITS GROUP. After rafting, not discovering a groupide on the shore, group went on their own search for the bus. The quality of the instructions received before the alloy turned out to be such, that NO one of 40 man failed the task on the first attempt. Part of the team, although initially moved in the right direction, but going some part of the way and not finding any clear landmarks, back to the starting point. The second part is back, but it took a lot more time and effort, on the way visiting with an unscheduled visit to neighboring Poland. In the end,, it all ended relatively well: after an hour of calls, swearing and routing the route all came out to the parking lot, and relaxing in a roadside restaurant group-off was rediscovered.

    Dinner in the national style few people calmed and dulled vigilance, but the reality of the Slovak hotel (Hotel Kras) brought back from heaven to earth: in a virtually vacant hotel most of the group for some reason found themselves housed in the attic, Over there, where dried spiders and not enough fresh air, but there's plenty of room to hit your head.. Some lucky people didn't like the place in the attic., and they got normal numbers, among them (strange thing) it turned out to be a group.

    The following days passed relatively quietly. So, in easy confusion… Why, for example, group members must buy their own tickets to visit the facilities, creating a queue of themselves and taking away each other's time?..

    On the way back Margerita met us with a wide Polish wedding in a hotel restaurant - booze, Contests, live music, dancing and all that.… Traditionally, Groupide did nothing to protect against the inconvenience of the members of the collective entrusted to it. In General, unwitting participants of the event were all those, whose windows overlook the yard (to the restaurant). Even furniture danced. The shabash stopped at five in the morning on the alarm bell, like a rooster's scream. Apparently, to cement your travel experience, tourists on the bus to watch was offered a TV series: some small-budget thrash about the terrible 40s, found a plot sequel in the murky 90s - the very thing, what you need for annoyed and tired people, returning home on the eve of the workweek. One series we still withstood ...

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  2. Sergey wrote:
    Prices 22222
    Ease of processing 44444
    Уровень обслуживания 22222
    Reliability Not Rated
    Impression 11111

    Рекламная статья о туре написана двояко и с подвохом. As a result, accommodation in the town of Miskolc-Tapolca, It's not just of Budapest 2 hours. And in the end if you don't take trips, then in Budapest you will be only * complaint *. Excursion in Budapest lasts about 5 hours and for me there is nothing in anything interesting. All the places you want to visit, It does not affect the. Everything was to be cut down dibs on excursions.

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