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reviews: 11 02.01.2016 |Catalog: Clothes and shoes LV


Country: Latvia
Specialization: Clothes and footwear
Delivery: Courier, DPD, Omniva
Payment: Cash, Bank transfer, credit cards, PayPal

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Range: Clothing, Brand clothing, Дизайнерская одежда, women's clothing, men's clothing, одежда для детей, Shoes, Watch, Bags, Glasses, Cosmetics, Perfume, Home

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Membershop, 4.1 out of 10 based on 19 ratings
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  1. Marina wrote:

    I give a negative review. Received sneakers from DIE'EL. Box in general from another model, Seen, that's possible and worn already. Sent everything according to the standards, pre-writing them, that substandard product. Total, State, that will bring me back the sneakers, as a specialist discovered, that they're worn. That's how they want to cover their joint at the expense of the buyer. I will contact the Consumer Protection Society.

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  2. Vladislav wrote:
    Prices 55555
    Service 55555
    Terms of execution 44444
    The quality of goods 55555
    Delivery 55555

    Приветствую всех! Решил написать отзыв, After, как прочитал предыдущие отзывы – not exactly positive. I decided to tell about my vision of this store and my experience.
    I made my first order on the site 05 January 2015 of the year – ordered two pairs of jeans. After that, there were five more orders. There are no complaints, Not by the quality of the product, non-service. Twice it was, that the product didn't fit – sent back to the seller, money was transferred to my account without any problems.
    One star was removed for the timing of the order, the penultimate time the delivery took, about a month. This store should be worked on.

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  3. Elite wrote:

    Ordered 2 Boscolo write bags made in Italy and still 1 Boscolo Ferreri bag is made in Poland fool, the second bag does not pulls even with a discount on 60 Euro open looking for scanner Estonia made from cowhide leather. Technology compared with Italy Mamma, don't you weep. Does not become a mess with returning, Shop nightmare, What brands? Fakes for fools.

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  4. Hyel wrote:
    Цены 11111
    Обслуживание 11111
    Сроки исполнения 11111
    Качество товаров 11111
    Доставка 11111

    They do not have any kind of empathy ,They sent me a watch who does not work and when I complained they said I should send it back to them and they will refund me my money.It was a watch I bought as a birthday gift.The watch came and was not working.I called them no form of apologies they made me wait for long and said they will send my money.They later wrote me after a month saying that the watch was used and they will not refund the money they will offer me a repair.Till now still I am yet to receive anything no money and no watch.One of the worst experiences I have had

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  5. Aliya wrote:

    What I a silly, что не прочитав отзывы, contact this store. In April ordered bag for female 50 Euro. I dreamed of her to get to the release, waited for the month, left without it. The bag came in my absence, got a husband, and I , on arrival, found, that bag cannot be closed, That is. removing a bunch of securities, It should be with the effort of trying to close. Sent back and get the answer, that marriage is not found and can take the bag back. On the question, How to operate, the answer was, everything is fine. Voobshchem very do not advise contact dishonest sellers and with this mount-shop. Sorry, что не прочитав отзывы, acted rashly.that's not reading reviews

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  6. Anonim wrote:
    Prices 11111
    Service 11111
    Terms of execution 11111
    The quality of goods 11111
    Delivery 11111

    Here's an interesting situation we have going on. Membershop sends non stop boxes with merchandise. Not one. At first they were taken because someone didn't know that for parcels, then stopped them altogether to take away. Write them, so they stopped sending orders and pick up all the goods, which lies in boxes. They ignore, demand money and threaten. Will write consumer rights Commission.

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  7. Olga wrote:

    Ordered dress size XL. The goods came. Open. Elongated shirt, incredibly small size. I pokrutila it and put back. Post. Call today and speak, that unfortunately cannot refund, t.. This product was used, noshen, holes and tightening sent in photos… It is on just a minute with the condition, that dress is not even merilos'!!! In General, my “love” This website is finished…

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  8. No longer a buyer wrote:

    Ordered dress and skirt. Dress for 50 Euro s crooked, Askew, the folds in the stomach ball hang, bag as a pregnant. The skirt itself perešila. I advise to nobody – cheap imitations of expensive prices, I is and we could buy at the Bazaar.

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  9. Olga wrote:
    Prices 11111
    Service 11111
    Terms of execution 11111
    The quality of goods Not Rated
    Delivery Not Rated

    That's what I want to leave your feedback about MemberShop….I ordered a bag over a month ago. Оплатила. Delivery time up to 30 days. The bag did not come, but the message came via email, due to technical problems at the moment the goods are send cannot….Call the help desk, There they say, sori, situation find out, call back. But nobody is calling. Call again, with me talking to someone named Roman, He could not even introduce yourself stating his position and surname. And tells me the novel…..bag send cannot, will refund money. Here's my question to why MemberShop, notorious znav, the goods send cannot be, nobody wrote, Neither the proposed replacement, neither apologized? Why is it necessary to pull before the end of? Of course, in my opinion this is a very bad attitude to your buyer! I didn't order anything in this “miracle” Shop and certainly not anyone advise!!!!

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  10. Elena wrote:
    Prices 11111
    Service Not Rated
    Terms of execution Not Rated
    The quality of goods Not Rated
    Delivery Not Rated

    Terrible quality. Ordered coats. Enough, that wallet is not symmetrical in relation to the lightning so, that even a child noticed. S it is unknown where and how. If you look, How much does it cost the coat without a so-called “discounts” – simply no words. No delivery. But what's the use, If return design?

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  11. Kostyan wrote:
    Prices 11111
    Service 11111
    Terms of execution 11111
    The quality of goods 11111
    Delivery 11111

    Citizens, good thing cannot be sold at a discount 80%!!! Bought indistinct watches “Rodenvold and sons” and shit-ntinovuû bag “Tu Bi”. Summary: SAD GAMNO! Are to blame, The avaricious pays twice, and then three times! Science will. Thanks Memberšop, certainly the age will remember!

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