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Peculiarities of customs clearance of parcels

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If you often buy goods abroad in third countries, for example, in the United States or in China, sooner or later, but will have to face with the procedure the customs clearance of parcels. Unfortunately we cannot without limitation buying everything on the right and left, have shared with State. Many it repels and people choose local vendors. But if it turns out that many counted goods abroad at so much cheaper than us, that price difference compensates for the payment of all taxes and you still stay in the black. In this article Let's take a look at all the features and tricks customs clearance of parcels. All shipments imported into Latvia from third countries are subjected to customs control, Depending on the value of the parcel is calculated value added tax and customs tax.

If the value of the parcel is less than 22 euro to pay taxes is not necessary, from 22 up to 150 the euro is charged only VAT (value added tax), over 150 the euro charged VAT and customs. Consider and compare the customs clearance procedures by using two common variants of delivery of parcels, simple mail in our case Latvijas Pasts and courier services TNT, DHL, UPS, FedEx.

In the portal there is a new application for calculating the cost of customs clearance.


Mail Latvijas Pasts

All shipments imported into Latvia fall into paragraph sort Latvijas Pasts in the airport. There's a parcel customs control and further depending on the parcel you have three options of further developments:
1. Parcel not caused customs gripes, declared value of less 22 Euro, parcel is sent to the specified post office, where you just get, upon presentation of documents.
2. Sending declared worth more 22 евро, but the contents are not satisfactory by the Office, the cost of the parcel was not in doubt. In this case, according to the regulations of the customs tax amount is calculated (If the parcel is more expensive 150 евро) and/or VAT. Parcel is sent to the specified post office, did you notice comes on the premise and the amount of taxes, who will be required to pay. Euro need to be at their post office, on site there to pay all taxes and pick it up. We remind you that, as long as taxes are not paid for a parcel you don't deliver. Yes, By the way, individuals shall be exempt from any customs duties, and legal entities will have to appear in person at the Customs Office for compilation of customs declaration.
3. According to the results of customs controls or according to the accompanying documents cannot be counting customs taxes, or parcel aroused suspicion at customs, or in the accompanying documents there is no cost or she clearly underestimated. In these cases the Customs office the right to require additional documents. Sending same goes at your post office. Documents you must provide to the nearest Customs Office, the inhabitants of Riga and Riga District can send documents to the email address using the form on the basis of the received documents from you calculate customs tax and next paragraph 2 after taxes, you can pick up your parcel.
What documents should I provide on demand customs? Your task is to prove that the premise and how much you paid for it, you will need to:
- a copy of the payment, go to your Internet Bank and download a copy of the payment, You can print a screenshot letter of payment PayPal. The main thing that was visible over what and how much.
- screenshot of the order in the online shop, log in to your personal account in the online store and download or print your order, that would see the number of, price and type of goods, as well as order cost. If it is not possible to do this, make a complete list of products in the parcel. I do not recommend here ûlit′. I don't know how much is competent customs, but very often the parcel opened without your permission (and may permit and do not), It is not excluded that when you ask for documents, the premise was previously opened and checked.

Courier services

Now, consider a courier service, Here are all the more difficult. If the value is less than 22 Euro, all just, the courier will give you her address, but courier goods generally where more expensive, owing to the high cost of cost of delivery courier services. Sending passes customs and forwarded to a warehouse courier. What would get it you need to (the same for individuals and legal entities) go through the procedure of customs clearance. A physical person should present themselves to the Customs establishment and verbally declare the contents of a parcel, provide necessary documents (Passport, a copy of the payment, the contents of the parcel). On the basis of documents is charged the amount of the customs duty and VAT and after payment through Bank will be able to pick up a parcel courier service or wait and service delivers you to the address. The second option for individuals and legal entities, hiring a customs broker, or the declarant in the courier service where your parcel is delivered, He will make a written declaration (She paid) and help pass the procedure of customs clearance. If you regularly receive such goods, You can write a power of Attorney and to authorize the declarant to permanent procedure without your participation.
Use simple mail where it is more convenient, especially if the parcel freeshipping, but courier services at many quicker. Make a selection from all of this it is impossible, someone like that.

A few tips

1. Don't buy all necessary goods immediately, If you are not spehu, make your orders at intervals 2-3 day, that would not have been one large parcel. Especially if delivery is free, small parcel often takes place without customs clearance.
2. If you have a parcel the size of a shoe box and weighing under 2 kg, It is not necessary to ask the Chinese to declare it as 2 dollar. Not exactly followed. Ask declare as 25 евро, ну заплатите на почте 5 евро, This same trivia.
3. If you are a lover of feikovyh things or replicas, get ready to, There is a chance that you won't get the parcel, the product can simply confiscate. Under existing regulations, copies of the brands will be confiscated. Therefore it is not necessary to write on the premise of the iPhone 6 for 100 USD – ask the Chinese let indicate Chinese brand (for example, FLY). Same thing with clothes, It is not necessary to write the ADIDAS and set value 2 dollar.
4. If you want to order several large parcels with different categories of goods, try to generate orders so that in one parcel was as little as possible categories of goods, so you'll save on the declarations.
5. With the Chinese you can arrange almost everything, especially in the markets (aliexpress, dhgate, Taobao), feel free to chat with vendors before buying, use online chats on these resources. You can agree about anything, as an example, I bought a big electronic thing and asked the seller take it apart into three pieces and send individually, what he actually did, and I've got three small posyločki.
Tricks in this case many, everything does not write, a lot and you can't write for a number of reasons. I hope this information will be useful to someone. Successful shopping!

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Peculiarities of customs clearance of parcels, 9.5 out of 10 based on 19 ratings
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  1. Igor wrote:
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    Use 55555

    a person must report to a customs institution and orally declare the contents of the parcel
    ….. and if an individual is forced to register on the site and fill out a written? And you have to go. 100 Km.

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    • Igor wrote:

      It is better not to order through the courier service, fast, Ok, but expensive and fussing a lot
      Delivery of goods is almost twice as expensive. Tax to the state on the cost of goods and the cost of delivery and if you do not know how to clear more 30 Euro.
      It was the first time the courier service had sent me. I don't want to do it anymore.. Bought, Because it's a good commodity, other service did not send. Sent but large sizes and what few people need.

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  2. Igor wrote:

    I don't have to do customs. 80 Euro shipping 60 Home. Called and told to clear the parcel and pay the tax.
    To my request to send a bank account number, so I paid the tax was refused. In the electronics written if I can not and do not want to clear myself, Then for 30 euro they will help. Well invented??? easy money they earn. Fire your boss from his job?

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  3. Valery wrote:
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    Use 55555

    Check whether they are platjozhku with the Bank host (Customs) as the? If I for example through the programme of change desired me figures, that would coincide with the amount that is stated on the premise…

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    • admin wrote:

      Scan is unlikely to be, but can open the parcel and if there will be goods many times more expensive bills, It will be a vagrant, I think that can directly in the Bank to seek the real amount of transfer. We must think a hundred times worth it do.

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  4. Lana wrote:
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    Use 44444

    Could you add more information how to pay customs taxes not through Latvijas Pasts.
    Because this service electronically like there.
    Don't want to pay every time on mail additional commissions.

    Thank you

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  5. Anton wrote:
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    Use 55555

    Thank you very much for the information!

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  6. Anton wrote:

    Good afternoon.

    Ordered from China power supply for an amount 100 Euro. The Chinese indicated in the invoice 40 Euro together with delivery. I did not ask him about it. At the Customs copy of the invoice and are waiting for the Bills with Bank. What to do in this situation ? Because the payment amount is not the same as the amount specified in the invoice.

    helped review: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • admin wrote:

      Nothing terrible, to invoice you don't have relationships, can punish Chinese if will find, There is little that he can ponapisyvat. You need a copy of the payment, and also take a screenshot of the goods with the price (If it is bought in webshop). This will be quite enough, but you will have to pay taxes on the amount of the payment, Chinese invois into account already take will not be.

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  7. Jamshidbek wrote:
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    Use 55555

    Hello, If you order goods for delivery service DHL and the price will be more than 22 euro need to pay tax?

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  8. Lika wrote:
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    Use 55555

    Very useful and informative-literate site. Rada, I found you. Thanks to all, who deals with principles of citizens!)

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  9. Jura wrote:

    If the pasylka weighs 30 kg price 850 euros to pay tax skolka, with China

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  10. Alexander wrote:

    Good afternoon!
    I wanted to ask how you know 29 March 2019 Leaving United Kingdom Eu, but in the Customs Union has kind of on time will remain, whether we will pay the tax from next year or until no?

    helped review: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • admin wrote:

      Apparently will pay tax, as soon as the United Kingdom will be released from Customs Union.

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