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reviews: 8 02.12.2012 |Catalog: Home LV


Country: Latvia
Specialization: Sporting goods
Delivery: Latvijas Pasts, Express Pasts
Payment: Банковский перевод, cash, leasing

Range: Goods sportera, Sporting goods, simulators, beauty, Home, kitchenware, the goods for health, Dormeo, Kosmodisk, clothing, shoes

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  Rating: 6.4/10 (Votes: 7)
Top-Shop, 6.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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  1. Taisiya wrote:
    Prices 33333
    Service 11111
    Terms of execution 44444
    The quality of goods 11111
    Delivery 44444

    Besides dormeo mattress, I advise you do not take. )) I want to say, at the operator's work, Don't go, there's constant pressure, forced to sell, When you go on sick leave, ask to what kind of hospital, Get, and when you come to work, require to work for lost time.

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  2. Juris wrote:
    Prices 33333
    Service 11111
    Terms of execution 55555
    The quality of goods 44444
    Delivery 55555

    Persuaded to take a combine harvester, agreed, trusted. All the details of the components discussed. Checked, one is not enough. They say that we don't specify, a phone conversation with me do not provide, afraid of. And I too have a record and everything is included. Me not 1 times cheated, more in TOPSHOP take will not. And operators throw the phone and did not report his name.

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    • Taisiya wrote:

      I agree this is a complete divorce, Nothing there is no need to take, These discounts, Card Club-5, It's all a marketing move., Don't leave your data in the TopShop store, then you won't be resting on the operators of the intrusive, who are interested to sell. The only thing they're posh about is, Dormeo mattresses.

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  3. Natalia wrote:

    Bought a vacuum cleaner and deep Fryer frying pan for baking pancakes.. Happy. Meets advertising

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  4. Natalia wrote:

    Bought in a store, located in Kengarakse ( Shop ZOOM) Wonder Sonic for face cleaning. Instruction at home is not found. But the next day the salesman on the phone about asked Anastasia impression. I replied, that is not tried. It proactively, SAMA sent instructions. I was very grateful. Everything turned out as in advertising, without cheating. Thanks Anastasia, so professionally works.

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  5. Anna wrote:

    and I bought pans and remained it is very happy purchase, was just a campaign

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  6. Denis wrote:
    Prices 33333
    Service 33333
    Terms of execution 33333
    The quality of goods 22222
    Delivery 33333

    Ordered several years ago superparoŝetku, just sent it in to the nonsense full. Pozvanil that I want to return it back, and they ask you used it, I'm sure as I realized that this barohlo is not working as it should, don't say sorry if we do not take back used.

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  7. andrejs wrote:
    Prices 44444
    Service 44444
    Terms of execution 44444
    The quality of goods 22222
    Delivery 44444

    Do not believe what, that sells Top Shop.

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