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If the item is worth it on Aliexpress, к примеру, 350 евро, доставка стоит, к примеру, 50 евро. При растаможке сборы будут браться со стоимости товара 350 евро? Or with 400 евро, that is, along with the delivery?

I want to buy a car trailer from the States, What is the cost of customs fees. The calculator only has parts. (Cost with the price of the road of 1800-3000).

How to buy and receive goods from the Russian Internetshop in Latvia? Are there brokers who do it?

Can goods from be so through I-netu order or can also be on-site and select?

I want to order the goods from aliexpress, Sending goods toll, Czech Republic, the cost of the parcel was not in doubt 98 Euro. Question: Do I have to., pay VAT when receiving a parcel?

Tell me please how much Customs will be worth a new car? That this requires? New cars bought in Russia, want to bring in the Latvia and register. The cost of the machine 4000-5000 Euro.

Is it true that so you can buy telephone paying via the Internet? There are those who have already ordered from Latvia and pleased with purchase? If this is not cheating, and what guarantee? - Here is the announcement you want to order do not want to be cheated by scammers. Thank you in advance!

Can I order clothing from catalogue peter hahn to Riga and what percentage for shipping you have?

How do I make changes to a published you ad?

Ordered product in the Internet Shop Play store, money lists, a month has passed, product no, call or contact impossible, No one answers, where to turn?

Want to buy electric tricycle. Is it possible from China? And what difficulties may be? And if not from China,the where?

Is it possible to get from Russia with drugs (bezrepcepturnymi)?

Want to order a watch (the Chinese firm CARNIVAL) cost 88 Euro. Advise how to best do that would not pay VAT?

If the goods are detained at customs, then it got to the post office and it is impossible to pay tax, How to find out the cause of the, phones for inquiries? Tel. Customs?

All history was deleted orders, lost all accumulated points. Upon accession shows error 405. Why it happened? Help to return my order history.

I am disabled 2 Group. Can I discount on car insurance and where to look for in the process of insurance?

How to purchase coupons for buying air tickets?

Can't find where registered online shop. Tell me please.

Sister of Russia is going to send a parcel with children's things in the gift. She has its production. Because it is a gift that I don't anything naturally paid her. Will I have problems getting a parcel?

When ordering hours in America (Internet shop or on Ebay )do here pay customs clearance?

Whether the sender to specify brand watches and their country of manufacture? Or you can write just a clock? Customs will do the calculation on the amount declared, or watch catalogue, If it thinks that the amount declared is too small?

I want to send a gift watches, will have to pay taxes? Watch w/u cost about 500 евро ,new more 1000 евро. Or t.. more 45 It is necessary to pay €. If you have to pay for what amounts to be a tax on 500 or 1000 евро.Euro

Good afternoon, I am writing to request, our store is hosted with you on the portal, the point is that, What we store item, and we now have another firm and according to other legal address, would like to make changes.

Good afternoon! According to the tracking service my order is already in Latvia 14 days. How long does the customs procedure and what to do in case of further delay? Thanks already for,what you eat.

DVR, voice recorder, Ultrasonic dog repeller, portable camcorder, You can order it on aliexpress or will be trouble with customs? Could you post a list of prohibited goods to be imported to Latvia!!! Or give a link where you can see?

You can find out the status of the shipment and the location of parcel RS443329948NL on the territory of China at PostNL

Ordered male jacket on the site The jacket came very low quality (threads protrude, all crooked sewn, instead of fur and leather cheap fabric), wrote, I want to return. The answer is no, should the other day to send female (I think with horror, that will come). Money was originally translated. I do not know, What do I do.

I sent a parcel from the United States with USPS, where can I track this parcel by number?

It makes sense to bother with an account at PayPal, or you can do without it?

If I want to sell their goods in èbae, tell me please how much Commission they charge? Thank you

Hello I am in despair from the sammydres booked four items, one item came by 29 November and booked three somewhere is the aizķēruš. don't understand why could not put everything in one package, how long I have to wait or is generally worth the wait,is there a chance of obtaining goods to recover the money paid by swedbank does not least the money it is around 100

Is there a European wholesale markets like Aliexpress to buy merchandise without passing through customs? I was looking for, in the end all were Chinese.

How many Internet stores of goods for children in Latvia?

Bought the goods from the seller in France, which trades on ebay. Paid directly by bank transfer, the seller sent my package and gave the number to keep track of. The last time the parcel made the way on the site Cilissimo 15.04. In Latvia, this assumption is not showing. Maybe someone had something similar? Thanks for the reply.

Got a parcel from TinyDeal, but can't get, received a letter that they could not determine the cost and asking for documents about fees, tell me what to do and how to do? How it happens? Thank you.

Guys Hi! Can anyone suggest any Ukrainian clothing stores? That would drive here from there. Thank you in advance.

Tell me please, where is the best place to buy clothes wholesale in China?

How do I know if an affiliate program at these stores?. Can I collaborate on a Dropship?. I would like Korean and Italian shops. How to contact. All in English.

Good afternoon! Made the order on the site, I would like to know about this site, whether it is site UK? Thanks in advance, Karina

Hello! Want to share his concern and hope for your advice. 27 November I paid debit card via Swedbank 423 EUR for two jackets at It has received an order from China,Although the site was Canadian. The premise came FROM DHL 16 December. When we opened the packaging,It found that poor-quality or defective jackets,the photos on the site. I immediately wrote them to the post office and informed them of their nedovol′stvii the goods and to return my money back. At the moment I'm thinking of the correspondence,they meet only once a day and very addictive time,your address they do not send,and offer compensation in the amount of 20 USD per defective goods. Really wish that had not made the payment through PayPal. While on their website there is a section of return of the goods and the customer may return during 7-14 days of your goods. How to act in this situation,If they are not in a hurry to give your address and prolong the process?! Best regards, Karina

I'm on your online store added your button. When you add our shop to your site?

And where to learn Chinese with the parcel number or order number?

How do I know that the store delivers products in Latvia?

Hi, I love your website. Wherever did you get it built?

Why is ebaye so different shipping cost for different sellers of the United States?

If paying via westernunion, who pays the fee for the transfer of money?

Paid order via Paypal, Shop cancelled the order and returned the money, but they are not, How long to wait for refund?

Is there a foreign stores with naložnym payment?

If you specify free shipping, It is necessary to pay extra?

Ordered a jacket in China over a month ago, has not yet received, What do I do?

Where to buy clothes wholesale?

Than the best pay in the shops in China?

What is the delivery of better, paid or free?



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