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Return of goods under warranty

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You ordered the goods abroad, were looking forward to it for weeks, and then came the happy day – You got it, and disappointment – product was defective. What do I do? Where to apply?
The first advice not to panic, do not attempt to repair the. Remember, you are entitled to a warranty repair. Worse if the item is broken during delivery, some stores have the possibility to insure the goods before sending, but as a rule it is no one does and some stores are using this loophole – and in which case the client himself is to blame, not take insurance. But a decent shop always change product.

So I'll try to articulate action in such a situation,:
1, Write a letter to the store where purchased goods, specify the order number, date of purchase and product. Describe the problem with the product, If you want to take a picture of the defect and attach photos to the letter.
2, Do not scold or ugražat′ in a letter to the seller, by doing this, you will achieve that consideration of your subject will drag on for months.
3, If the seller responded to your letter and provided the necessary information on the return – follow his instructions, This is usually something like:
- package your product with all accessories
- attach inside the sheet with a description of the problem and return number (It assigns to the seller, many stores have a special form which must be filled in)
- send a package simple mail, do not use courier delivery
- declare low value shipments, the seller did not raise problems with customs
And wait for the; wait for predëtsâ parking in long, If China is a 30-40 days.
4, If the seller responded to the letter from the, but advise you to repair or to eludes from liability and does not want to repair, Here you can harass: What you raspišite reviews on shop on all forums of the world, that'll complain to PayPal to shop, etc.. If the seller changed – We operate under the 3, If not, see para. 5.
5, The seller has hidden and does not respond to your emails, feel free to ask in the PayPal (only if you pay for your order through PayPal) and make out the dispute on payment. Everything is just: You must specify the reason for your not pay and the seller does not resolve the issue. PayPal deducts an amount similar to your payment from the seller, and starts an investigation. If the seller does not resolve the issue within a certain time, PayPal will return the money to you. If you pay by credit card or by bank transfer, Please contact your bank, write a statement on chargeback, long process, but after an investigation, the Bank can recover money. If you pay via Western Union here the case worse. Almost everything that you can, It really write some posts on large forums at this shop and send links to the seller and to threaten that devote a few years of his life, but write about it everywhere where only you can. Here is one tip, choose English-speaking big forums, best theme. Write a review on our website and send the link to seller.
But it is not so bad, This situation an exception to the rule, usually, all issues are resolved. I hope these tips will be useful to anyone. Good shopping!
P.S. Of course do not forget to describe all your adventures in the feedback on our site, It is very useful to others.

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