About iCAT

The iCAT thematic catalogue is completely dedicated to lending in Baltic countries. And first of all, it will be useful to those who are interested in lending, who are planning or want to get a loan. On the catalogue pages you will find loan offers with full information, interest rates and examples of loan costs. Also, you will find a lot of additional information about lending, about types of loans, about interest on loans, about bad credit history.

iCAT is absolutely free for visitors, we do not need your personal data, and we do not have a registration. We do not belong to any financial company and are not financially dependent on any financial or credit company.

How we help clients to take out a loan

No one else sees as many people with as many different problems as we do, and this gives us a unique insight into the problems people face today when taking out a loan. The solution to their financial problems is our additional knowledge. iCAT sees how various problems can be addressed. Helping people to understand the choice of the best loan in their country, we save their time and money by giving them the opportunity to work more productively for the benefit of their society. Therefore, if you leave a review about the work of our company, or the credit company from which you took out a loan, then you will help us improve our work, and it will be more rational for borrowers to borrow money.

Questions, comments and feedback

We are very grateful to active visitors who leave their feedback, comment on credit companies or ask questions. There is a comment form at the bottom of almost all pages of the site where you can post your review or opinion. If you have questions about the work of credit companies, questions or suggestions for the work of iCAT, you can contact us in any way convenient for you, all contacts are available on the “Contacts” page.