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iCAT is a free service for finding and comparing credit companies in Baltic countries. iCAT is a directory of credit companies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia that provide online: quick loans, short-term loans, consumer loans, refinancing, mortgage loans, business loans, long-term loans and car loans. The iCAT catalog will help you choose a credit company by comparing loan offers, for each credit company we indicate interest rates, exampls of loans cost and age limits, as well as the minimum and maximum loan amount, minimum and maximum loan term. Independent ratings from credit companies are also available. On the site you can create a rating of credit companies and post reviews.

Why iCAT is better?

- the service is completely free
- service is completely independent
- we do not need your personal data
- daily update of information
Wide choose!
- a large selection of loan types
- a large selection of credit companies
- extensive geography of offers
- lots of useful information
- description of loan offers
- examples of the cost of loans
- translation into national languages
- comparison of loan offers
Our services are completely free, we do not take any commissions from visitors. We do not need your personal data, we do not have a registration form. The iCAT service is completely independent, we do not belong to any financial company. We do not have agreements with credit companies. This distinguishes us from other sites that can only compare offers from certain credit companies. We constantly monitor all changes in the offers of credit companies so that the information on the site is always accurate and fair, more details on the page "About us".

Loan calculator

With this calculator you can calculate the cost of any loan. To do this, you must indicate the loan amount, loan term and effective annual interest rate. This way you can easily check the offers of any lender. In our catalog, we indicate the range of interest rates for all loan offers, you can find out the exact interest rate by receiving a loan offer from a lender. When comparing loans, you should always compare the effective annual interest rate, only this affects the total cost of the loan.

100 100000
1 180
0 1000

Requirements for obtaining a loan

- you must be an adult (different credit companies have different minimum and maximum age of the borrower, the catalog contains information about the age restrictions for each credit company).
- you must be a citizen or have a residence permit in the country in which you plan to receive a loan; in some countries, in order to receive a loan, you must permanently reside in this country for a specified minimum period.
- you must have a permanent bank account in the country where you plan to receive a loan, basically the identification of the borrower occurs through bank authorization.
- some lenders require a mobile phone connected to the network
- you need an electronic signature to sign a loan agreement remotely
- you must have an email address
- you must have regular income
- you should not be on the list of debtors (some creditors allow you to have current debts)

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