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saņemt kredītu



Summa: 50౼10000 EUR
Termiņš: 3౼60 mēneši
Likme: no 37.3 % GPL
Vecums: 20౼75 gadi

Amount: 50౼10000 EUR
Term: 3౼60 months
Interest: from 37.3 % APR
Age: 20౼75 years

Piemērs: Izsniegtā kredītlīnijas summa EUR 1000.00, Procenti EUR 501.44, Ikmēneša maksājums 62.56 €, Kredītlīnijas summas izsniegšanas komisija EUR 0.00, Aizņēmuma likme 42.53 %, Kredītlīnijas summas lietošanas termiņš 24 mēneši, Reģistrācijas maksa (tikai 1.izsniegtajai kredītlīnijas summai) EUR 0.01.

Vivus – Normal consumer credit!

Vivus offers loans to 10000 EUR for a period of 1 to 60 months, which can be make quickly and get the money within 15 minutes. Vivus clients have access to ample opportunities repayment: you can pay and the internet, and at any bank, and in many trading locations in Latvia. Borrow from Vivus profitable, fast and safe.



Vivus offers its customers the best loan terms: Free of loan request and issuance of the loan; Personalized service to each client; Privacy and confidentiality of personal data; Extensive acquisition and repayment of the loan; Special offers, promotions and discounts.

phone Phone: 67439777
email Email:
web Website:

What do you need me to get a loan?

To get the loan you must be a permanent resident of the Republic of Latvia at the age of 20-75 years with no past due or impaired loan payments arrears. To receive a loan, you’ll need a mobile phone and e-mail.

How fast can I get a loan?

If You account with one of the following banks: Swedbank, Citadele, Nordea, DnB banka or Norvik banka, then you will receive the money within 10 minutes (98% of cases) after the review and confirmation of Your application for a loan, while the Vivus . If your account at another bank, the transfer may take longer – up to three days from the date of the application. In the event of the bank’s system of technical problems getting money may take longer.

What will it take to get a loan?

To get a loan, you need to register and to request a loan.

Do I need a Information about the salary or other documents to get a loan?

Documents, for example, the information on the salary needed depending on the amount and term of the loan.

Why refused to register?

The registration is denied if you do not meet the conditions of Vivus. To register, you must be a permanent resident of the Republic of Latvia aged 20 to 75 years. Almost always the reason for the loan is not a negative response from the register of debtors of Your credit history.

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  1. Selly says:

    Главная фишка таких МФО как Vivus – это оперативность выдачи займа. 15 минут – это вообще круто :) Даже не знаю, верить ли такой скорости?)