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saņemt kredītu



Summa:100౼15000 EUR
Termiņš: 3౼84 mēneši
Likme: 21.59౼53.27 % GPL
Vecums: 21౼70 gadi

Amount: 100౼15000 EUR
Term: 3౼84 months
Interest: 21.59౼53.27 % APR
Age: 21౼70 years

Piemērs: noformējot 15000€ uz 60 mēn., pirmais maksājums ir ar 0% likmi 275€, no 2. mēn. ikmēneša maksājums ar atlaidi 405.85€. Kopā 24220.27€, GPL 22.66%, aizņēmuma likme gadā 16.80%. Maksājums bez % nozīmē, ka par noteikto termiņu procenti netiek aprēķināti kā tādi. Procentu likmi neietekmē EURIBOR likmes izmaiņas, ikmēneša maksājums paliek nemainīgs visu līguma periodu. Kredīta izskatīšana 30 minūšu laikā. Online noformēšana, neizejot no mājām un vairāk nekā 20 kreditēšanas centru visā Latvijā.

InCredit – We create new opportunities!

The leasing company SIA InCREDIT GROUP was created and has been successfully operating in providing financial services to consumers since September 2010 on the basis of a license issued by the Center for Consumer Rights Protection of the Republic of Latvia. Thanks to the company’s wide range of credit services and favorable offers in this area, Incredit rightfully occupies one of the leading places among credit institutions in Latvia.



Incredit’s wide range of services includes: consumer credit, goods and services in installments, and car loans. Also, in addition to transferring funds to the client’s account, we offer special ways to obtain loans, for example, ONLINE loans, which speed up and simplify the entire process.

phone Phone: 67199100
email Email:
web Website:

Why was my loan denied?

The most common reasons for refusal to provide a loan: providing false information about yourself; credit history that does not meet company requirements; age younger than 21 years or older than 70 years; insufficient income or lack thereof.

Can I get a loan if I have a foreign passport?

Yes you can. Must have a valid residence permit issued by the OCMA with the right to work in the territory of Latvia.

Can I get a loan if I am or work abroad?

At the moment, we issue loans only if, after filling out the application, you are located and working in Latvia.

Can I get a loan if I have an unpaid loan from a bank or other credit institution?

When granting a loan, the current financial situation will be taken into account. Important – we will provide a loan only if you are able to fulfill loan obligations. If you are currently having difficulty fulfilling your obligations, do not take out a loan!

In case of failure to fulfill obligations.

In case of non-fulfillment of obligations, the process of debt collection may begin, the right of claim is transferred to third parties, with a negative impact on the credit history and possible credit rating of the Borrower, which may cause the refusal of the person providing the service. In case of late payments, a penalty and late interest will be charged.

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