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Summa: 100౼5000 EUR
Periood: 1౼99 kuud
Aastaintress: 0౼60.27 % KKM
Vanus: alates 19 aastat

Amount: 100౼5000 EUR
Term: 1౼99 months
Interest: 0౼60.27 % APR
Age: from 19 years

Laenunäide: Krediidi kulukuse maksimaalne määr on 60,27 % aastas järgmistel näidistingimustel: laenulimiit 2000 €, krediidi tagasimaksmiseks ja krediidi kogukulu kandmiseks tehtavate maksete kogusumma 2521,16 €, fikseeritud aastaintress 48,11 %. Määr on arvestatud eeldusel, et laenulimiit võetakse kasutusele viivitamata ja täies mahus ning makstakse tagasi 12 võrdse tagasimaksena võrdsete ajavahemike järel alates kuu aja möödumisest laenulimiidi kasutusse võtmisest.

BoonusLaen – Bonus loan up to 4000 euros!

A bonus loan is the same loan product as a credit account, loan limit or credit limit. You have a maximum limit within which you can make payments. With a bonus loan, you only pay daily interest on the amount used. Let’s say your maximum limit is 4,000 €, but you used 300 €. In this case, the daily interest is calculated from EUR 300. There are different ways to return the used amount – return the entire amount, half at once, or make the minimum monthly payments.



The contribution amount is at least 5% of the used amount, including interest, but not less than 10 euros. The daily interest rate for the bonus loan is 0.1318%. The refundable amount can be reused at any time. The bonus loan cannot be used by existing customers of Ferratum Bank plc. Send us a loan application. We will review your application and send you a verification code by email. After the approval of the loan, we will transfer the money to you!

phone Phone: 6 652 420
email Email:
web Website:

Who can apply for a loan?

The bonus loan can be used by individuals over 19 years old. You must be a permanent resident of Estonia with permanent registration. You must have a checking account with a bank operating in Estonia so that we can transfer money to you. A valid document is required for personal identification. You must have a specific address in the population register. A salary, pension, parental allowance or other benefits are suitable for this. Before concluding a contract, read the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consult with a specialist.

How is the bonus loan issued?

If you are a new client, you must first identify yourself and confirm the loan without a verification code. If you are already our regular customer, the loan amount will be paid after receiving a positive decision on the loan without a confirmation code. The loan amount will be transferred only to your personal bank account, which was indicated in the loan application.

How long does it take to make a decision on a loan?

Consideration of a loan application and making a decision will take only a few minutes. We will send replies during customer support hours. If you sent your request outside of business hours, we will respond to you the next morning.

How soon will I need to repay the bonus loan?

The bonus loan does not have a specific term. In the case of a bonus loan, you can choose whether to pay the minimum installment or an amount in excess of the established installment. Repayment of a larger amount will shorten the loan term.

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