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laenu saama



Summa: 100౼10000 EUR
Periood: 3౼84 kuud
Aastaintress: 18 %
Vanus: 18౼73 aastat

Amount: 100౼10000 EUR
Term: 3౼84 months
Interest: 18 %
Age: 18౼73 years

Laenunäide: Laenates 6 000 eurot viieks aastaks fikseeritud aastase intressimääraga 13% ja kuumaksega 148,52 eurot on krediidi kulukuse määr 20,07%. Kogu laenuperioodi jooksul tagasi makstav summa on 9 116,11 eurot, millest 2 191,11 eurot moodustavad intressimaksed ja 720 eurot laenu haldustasu. 180 euro suurune laenu lepingutasu ning 25 euro suurune ZenFundi makse tuleb tasuda kohe pärast laenu väljamaksmist. Laen läheb viie aasta jooksul maksma 3 116,11 eurot.

Moneyzen – Responsible lending!

MoneyZen is a financial portal created for people that combines money, transparency and humanity. With the help of MoneyZen, people have the opportunity to help each other with money. It is an honest, wise, and humane way to mediate money that provides peace and satisfaction to all parties. On the financial portal MoneyZen, each user can determine for himself on what conditions he wants to receive or issue a loan.



The borrower determines the loan amount and the repayment period, and the lender determines the conditions on which he agrees to lend money. As with origami, your money affairs in MoneyZen are going exactly the way you choose. A small piece of art created by you. Whether it’s a goldfish, an eagle or a dragon – a car, a house, good health, or a memory of a trip.

phone Phone: 372 5885 5553
email Email:
web Website:

Who can apply for a loan?

MoneyZen allows people from 18 to 73 years old to take out a loan, who have a regular monthly income and the ability to fulfill loan obligations on time. If your employment contract contains a probationary term, then the probationary period must be completed in order to receive a loan. The loan can be obtained by applicants with good payment behavior.

What does credit rating mean?

Credit rating is an indicator that characterizes the creditworthiness (or the ability to meet monetary obligations) of the Borrower, the basis for calculating which is the payment behavior and financial data of the Borrower. A credit rating is used to assess the ability of an individual to meet their payment obligations. Typically, a higher credit rating indicates a higher ability of an individual to meet their obligations. In the case of persons with a low credit rating, problems may arise in fulfilling obligations.

How do the terms of the loan depend on the credit rating?

For loan applications with a higher credit rating, MoneyZen Investors usually make loan offers with a lower interest rate.

When is the loan amount paid out?

The loan amount is transferred to your virtual account immediately after the loan offer is confirmed. You can transfer funds from the virtual account to your personal bank account on weekdays from 9.00 to 17.00.

Can someone else get a loan using my details?

It cannot, because Before issuing a loan, our loan officers check the data and identity of each loan applicant. ID-card passwords are personal information and should be kept secret from everyone, incl. and from family members.

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