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Summa: 1000౼25000 EUR
Periood: 12౼120 kuud
Aastaintress: alates 5.97 %
Vanus: 18౼75 aastat

Amount: 1000౼25000 EUR
Term: 12౼120 months
Interest: from 5.97 % per year
Age: 18౼75 years

Laenunäide: Mifundo vahendusel saadud laenu näidistingimused: laenusumma 7 000 eurot, laenuperiood 6 aastat, aastane intressimäär 5.97%, lepingutasu 75 eurot, laenu haldustasu kuus 1.5 eurot, aastane krediidi kulukuse määr 7.01% aastas, kuumakse 115.91 eurot, tagasimakstav summa kokku 8 528.60 eurot. Väikelaenu intress ei ole seotud EURIBORiga ja saad määrata muutumatu kuumakse kogu laenuperioodiks. Mifundo aitab sul leida heade tingimustega uue laenu või olemasolevale laenule veel parema pakkumise.

MiFundo – The best loan offers!

Mifundo is a cross-border finance platform, connecting people with banks regardless of their location. We are offering for people a borderless banking options. Our service is novel and game changer – no longer the bank is choosing its customers but now the customer can choose the bank between different options from different countries. We have developed an easy-to-use solution for cross-border lending, to make customers lives easier and widen their options significantly.



To make lending borderless by removing barriers between people and banks all over the EU. Mifundo makes entire EU to one single credit market. We are the bridge between people and banks. We are pioneers, doing something that no one has ever done, opening new opportunities. We believe that everybody has the right to choose in their own best interest. We are openminded, we stand for openness and honesty. We care, behind the technology and AI there are also real passionate people.

phone Phone: 372 5333 4248
email Email: info@mifundo.com
web Website: mifundo.com

Why should I apply for a loan via Mifundo and not via banks directly?

You can always turn directly to a bank and ask for a loan. But how do you know it’s the best offer available for you on the banking market? You don’t. And if you’d like to ask for comparing offers, you’d have to waste a lot of time filling in applications in various banks. By using Mifundo, you will leverage your power. By filling in just one loan request, Mifundo’s system will provide you with a list of loan offers that best match your needs from the banks all over the EU.

Why should I apply for a loan from banks outside my home country?

First and foremost – you might get a loan on better conditions (e.g. a lower interest rate) from another bank. For example, Estonia is the country with the highest interest rates on personal loans in the EU. At the same time Estonians have one of the best payment trackrecords in the EU. Our goal is to make sure whenever you need a loan, you’ll have it on the best possible conditions. For example, the average interest rate on a personal loan in the EU is about 6%. In Estonia, it’s about 15%. We’re here to fix that.

What is Mifundo and how does it work?

Mifundo is a new generation loan platform that helps you to find a loan with the best conditions from the banks all over the EU. We have partnered up with in the EU and whenever you request a loan via Mifundo, we will provide you with the best loan offers from those banks. By filling in only one loan application, you will get a list of loan offers from the banks in the EU. And then you just have to decide which one is the best for you. It really is that simple.

Who can apply for a loan through Mifundo?

A loan is a financial obligation. Before applying for a loan and signing a contract, make sure that you can afford to repay the loan by assessing your financial situation and the need for borrowing. Failure to pay the loan on time may result in the obligation to pay late fees and recover collection costs, and it may be difficult to obtain a loan from other lenders in the future. Therefore, in order to fulfill the principles of responsible lending, only persons without payment default can apply for a loan through us.

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