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Summa: 500౼1000000 EUR
Periood: 6౼180 kuud
Aastaintress: alates 12 %
Vanus: alates 18 aastat

Amount: 500౼1000000 EUR
Term: 6౼180 months
Interest: from 12 % per year
Age: from 18 years

Laenunäide: Väikelaenu näidis: 500 € laenamisel 6 kuuks fikseeritud intressimäär 16%, lepingutasu 20 €, igakuine tagasimakse 88,77 €, krediidi kulukuse määr 43,5%, väikelaenu tagasimaksete summa 532,62 € ja kogusumma 552,62 €. Autoliisingu ja auto tagatisel laenu näidis: liisingu- või laenusumma 5 000 €, periood 5 aastat, kuumakse 118,95 €, fikseeritud aastane intressimäär 15%, krediidi kulukuse määr 17,68%, lepingutasu 150 €, tagasimaksete summa 7 137,98 € ning kogusumma 7 287,98 €.

Kreditex – Flexible financial partner!

Kreditex is an Estonian financial company that has been a reliable partner for individuals and companies for over 12 years. The goal of our team of experienced professionals is to provide our clients with the best service by offering fast processing of applications, flexible solutions and an individual approach to each client. We will help you buy a property or a car, renovate a house, open a business, refinance existing loans, implement large projects and small dreams.



Borrowers receive loans at interest similar to that of a bank. The better the credit history of the loan applicant, the more favorable the loan offer. No collateral is required for such a loan, and the loan agreement can be concluded without leaving home without tedious waiting and high registration fees.

phone Phone: +372 6 280 280
email Email:
web Website: kreditex

Who can apply for a Small Loan?

Both individuals and legal entities can apply for a Small Loan. Individuals must not be under the age of 18, have Estonian citizenship or residence permit, and receive a salary or other stable income. Legal entities must be registered in Estonia and be able to present a document confirming a positive cash flow from entrepreneurial activity.

Can a loan application be canceled?

The borrower can cancel the loan application before the entry into force of the contract.

Is it possible to repay the loan early?

Is it possible to repay the loan ahead of schedule? The borrower has the right to repay the loan in part or in full ahead of the deadline set in the payment schedule. To do this, you must send the appropriate application.

Can I apply if I don’t have a job?

To obtain a loan, you must have a permanent job or other stable income.

Can the Borrower change the terms of his loan agreement?

During the validity period of the loan agreement, the Borrower can apply for an extension of the payment up to 15 days, as well as submit an application for obtaining a leave of payments for a period of up to 30, 60 or 90 days. To do this, you must send a corresponding application.

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