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Summa: 150౼10000 EUR
Periood: 18౼107 kuud
Aastaintress: 53.77 % KKM
Vanus: alates 18 aastat

Amount: 150౼10000 EUR
Term: 18౼107 months
Interest: 53.77 % APR
Age: from 18 years

Laenunäide: Võttes kasutusele 1 500 € on krediidi kogukulu 2 101.05 € millest intress on 601.05 € ja põhiosa 1 500 € . Fikseeritud intressimäär aastas 43.20% ja krediidi kulukuse määr 53.77% . Kokku kuni 45 makset, tingimusel, et klient tasub graafikujärgselt miinimummakseid.

Monefit – New solution in online lending!

Monefit is a mobile line of credit up to € 10,000. You can use the line of credit opened for you exactly in the amount that is reasonable at the moment. Just select the required amount on your phone and send a request. Activate Monefit literally on the go. Mobile and mobile. The whole procedure is carried out online, as you are used to. Monefit is like your digital wallet. He is always with you.



The Monefit credit line is up to € 10,000. As part of the initial application, we check your creditworthiness in order to at the same time determine the amount of your personal credit line. If the personal amount of the credit line is not the maximum, then in case of correct payment behavior of the full payment of the existing obligations, we will increase the personal amount of your credit line.

phone Phone: 6 888 222
email Email:
web Website:

What is a Monefit line of credit and what kind of loan can I use?

The Monefit Credit Line is your digital wallet. You can use the credit line opened for you in a reasonable amount. Opening and owning a line of credit without an applicable credit amount is free and no management fee is applied. As a Monefit customer, you can use your credit line up to € 10,000. The exact loan amount requires a separate application.

I would like to open a Monefit line of credit. What conditions must be met for this?

To open a line of credit, you must be an Estonian citizen or have a permanent residence permit in Estonia. You must be at least 18 years old. Opening a line of credit is free.

When will the money be credited to my bank account?

Monefit Estonia OÜ maintains current accounts with all major banks operating in Estonia, therefore, if the application for a credit line is approved, the loan amount will be transferred to your bank account, in all likelihood, as an intra-bank payment. Such transfer usually takes no more than 15 minutes, however, it may depend on the conditions in force in various banks.

When should I repay the received loan amount?

With the beginning of the application of the credit line, a repayment schedule emerges, consisting of decreasing minimum monthly payments. If you make a payment in excess of the monthly payment schedule, we will provide you with an updated minimum monthly payment schedule next month. You yourself can choose whether to repay the loan with the minimum monthly payments on schedule, payments in excess of the minimum payment, or by paying the amount in full. If you pay off the loan faster, then the loan costs in terms of interest will be less.

What if I cannot return the loan I have taken?

If you are unable to fulfill your obligations on time, then be sure to contact our customer service department.

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