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Summa: 500౼25000 EUR
Periood: 3౼84 kuud
Aastaintress: 5.8౼41.35 %
Vanus: alates 18 aastat

Amount: 500౼25000 EUR
Term: 3౼84 months
Interest: 5.8౼41.35 % per year
Age: from 18 years

Laenunäide: 5000 EUR suuruse laenusumma puhul, laenu tähtajaga 36 kuud, intressimääraga 7.9%, KKM-iga 22.2% tagastamata laenusummalt on kogu tagasimakstav summa 5870.17 EUR. Välja toodud arvutuskäik on informatiivne. Täpse laenusumma ja igakuise makse suuruse saad teada pärast taotluse läbivaatamist! Laenusumma 5000 EUR korral on tarbijakrediidi valimisel võimalik intressimäär alates 5,8% kuni 41,35%. Krediidi kulukuse aastamäär ehk krediidi kulukuse aastamäär viitab teie laenu aastasele kogukulule.

Kreditum – Best loan comparison!

Kreditum is an online service owned and operated by Summarum Media Oy. Compare different loans up to 25,000 euros quickly and conveniently. Fill out one application and receive multiple offers! Comparison of loans is free and does not obligate you to anything. Fill out Kreditum’s loan comparison application and you will receive a convenient comparative overview of the different loans offered and their terms.



Kreditum’s loan comparison is convenient and you don’t have to visit the pages of different banks to get results, but you can get an overview of different conditions and loan offers in one place. This feature helps the loan applicant make more informed decisions to monitor and manage their financial affairs better. Fill out Kreditum’s loan comparison application and you will receive a convenient overview of the loans offered and their conditions.

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Find the best loan up to 25,000 euros quickly and conveniently.

Kreditum’s mission is to offer its clients convenient and fast service. We will help you find out the size of your monthly loan payment and for how long you can take out the loan. The size of the loan depends on you. It doesn’t matter if you want to borrow 500 or even 25,000 euros, our loan calculator will easily help you find out how much your personal monthly loan payment will be and what the approximate interest rate will be. Kreditum partners will provide you with a more detailed offer. By using a loan comparison, you can also find the best loan terms for yourself.

Several loan offers in one application.

There are many different loan providers in the current Estonian credit market, which means that there are at least as many different loan offers. This leaves the client with a difficult decision. Which loan should you choose? What to watch and what to avoid? We answer all these questions in these articles and help you choose the right loan. Kreditum provided the opportunity to compare several personally prepared loan offers in one place. You only need to fill out a loan application and select the most suitable loan offer based on the criteria you set. Filling out the loan application takes about 2 minutes.

Find the cheapest loan and the best loan terms.

If you have submitted a request to compare Kreditum loans, you can easily compare the results. This helps you choose the best and cheapest loan. Once you receive loan offers, you can start comparing the APRs you receive and the various contract terms. We also recommend that all clients consult with a specialist in this field before signing a loan agreement. If you have any additional questions before signing the contract, immediately notify the bank offering the loan. Find the cheapest loan with us!

Interest and other fees associated with the loan.

The loan interest rate is the percentage that appears in loan offers, and the loan interest is the amount that is added to the monthly loan principal amount. In addition to interest, it is also important to keep an eye on the negotiated loan fee. The closing fee is a one-time fee paid when signing the loan agreement. And on top of all this, the future borrower might also consider the annual percentage rate, or annual percentage rate.

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